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"What's the buzz? Tell me what's a happening..."

"A Real Weird Place"

I'm going to be featured on Therapodic, a Podcast created by Radio Personality Kira Lew. The episode is titled "Funny Girl feat. Courtney Silber" which I LOVE. We talk about what it's like to be an actor in these scary times, day job madness, growing up as weirdos, Tik Tok and more.The episode went live on August 13th and is available to stream anywhere where there are podcasts! Click the pic for a link.

August 2020


"The world turned upside down"

Summer Stuck is a virtual cabaret where performers get to share some of the material they were supposed to perform this summer. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all of the performers involved have lost those gig/jobs. Im so fortunate to have been offered a summer job, but Im sad I won't be able to actually do it. This cabaret gives me the opportunity to reminisce on what might have been. Click the picture to watch!

July 2020


July 2020

"O brave new world, That has such people in't!"

June 16th at 7 o'clock, I'll be playing Trinculo in Atlantic Theatre Company's production of "The Tempest". There will also be a Q and A after the show. I'm so excited to work with this awesome theatre company once again, and this time playing a character! Click the pic to watch!

atlantic image.png

June 2020

"No more yielding but a dream..."

June 11th at 7 pm I will be narrating "A Midsummer Nights Dream" with Atlantic City Theatre Company over zoom! Click the pic to watch! I alway love the opportunity to dive into one of Shakespeare's plays; especially a comedy! Midsummer is always a blast to do, and right now, with all that's going on in the world, I think we al need a few hours to escape from reality and just giggle a bit. Click the image to watch!

May 2020

"Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue"

During this crazy pandemic time, I will be working with No Exit on their Zoomed reading of "Hamlet" as Polonius. It's so nice to have an artistic outlet and work with some amazing artists. The event will be live streamed on Facebook and Broadway World and will be available to view after the live stream on either site as well! If you're feeling generous and want to support the artists involved, Venmo @NoExit-TC. Click the picture to view!


February 2020

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

I am thrilled to announce that I will have the honor of portraying the titular role, Juliet, in Greenwood Lake Theatre's Spontaneous Shakespeare production of "Romeo and Juliet." The production is in partnership with Warwick Historical Society and will be performed in a church that was constructed in 1810. I love working with this amazing company and look forward to celebrating Valentines Day in the heart of the original

star-crossed lovers.

January- April 2020

"These things will not bite you. They want to have fun."

I'm very excited to begin working with Plaza Art Theatricals on their production of "The Cat In The Hat" as Thing 1 in their arts for education series.We will be performing around the tri-state area, bringing this beloved tale to children until the first of April.

Cat in the hat.jpg

January-February 2020

"Stay curious, keep learning and keep growing. And always strive to be more interested than interesting."

As the new year commences, I've taken up a few classes at The Growing Studio. I am enrolled in Musical Theatre Showcase, TV/Film Showcase, and Voice Over: A Series. I'm very excited to grow my arsenal of tools and perform in front of some agents and casting directors. I'm hoping this will catapult me into the decade with flying colors.

December 2019

"God bless us, everyone!"

I'm very excited to work with Greenwood Lake Theatre Company once again. This holiday season I'll be fulfilling the Ingenue track in this very creative rendition of  "A Christmas Carol." The play will be performed in a vintage church built in 1810 in Warwick, NY! 


October 2-18, 2019

"Let's find some beautiful place to get lost."

I will be out of touch from October 2-18 because I will be traveling Europe! I'll be onboard Aida Bella visiting my friend as she performs her way across the sea! If you would like to reach me, please use e-mail or Facebook. See you all soon!!

August 2019

"Murder is born in love, and love attains the greatest intensity in murder."

I'm so excited to get messy with some blood and guts with the cast and crew of "Almost Maimed." I will be swinging the show and covering all 7 characters in the play. We will be performing at The Tank and at The Rogue Theatre Festival.

will power.jpg

June- August 2019

"Speak the speech, I pray you,"

This summer, I will be delving deep into Shakespeare's text with John Basil. I am taking Basil's Summer Shakespeare Intensive which will focus on both monologues and scene study. I am honored to work under one of today's masters in the art of performing Shakespeare. 


July 2019

"Happy birthday to you..."

When my long time mentor Brooke M. Haney asked me to help celebrate her birthday by performing in her birthday cabaret at The Duplex, there was no other answer but, "YES!" I can't wait to have a night of joy and celebration with some amazing people!

July 2019

"I wana go where adventure leads me.."

This month I'll be working with Daniel Gittler (Dear Evan Hansen) and the rest of the team on "Sisters of Aerilon", a new musical. I have the honor of playing Forestyne, a princess who wishes nothing more but to travel, have daring adventures, and leave her royal duties behind her. The reading will be the first time this new work has been put on it's feet. I can't wait to see what adventures "Sisters of Aerilon" will embark on next!

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 1.25.16 AM.png

May 2019

"Have you ever wanted to save the world?"

I was so excited to work with Abigail Grubb again on a new play called "Perfect For Me" by Holly Payne- Strange. Spending a week on Governors Island in residency with Rising Sun was so beautiful and rewarding. 

June 2019

"I am that merry wanderer of night..."

I had a fabulous time working with Greenwood Lake Theatre on "Midsummer Night's Dream" playing Puck, Egeus, and Philostrate. The production was spontaneous and unrehearsed on book with first edition folios which made the experience a whirlwind of fun. I am so grateful to have been able to play my favorite character in all of

Shakespeare's works!


January 2019

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."

I am so grateful to announce that I have won Broadway World's Columbus Regional professional Division award for Leading Actress in a play for I Hate Hamlet. Deirdre was one of the most fun and rewarding characters I've had the honor to portray. I loved every minute of our time together and I miss her dearly. Thank you to everyone who voted and everyone involved with the production. Congratulations to all of the nominees.

December 2018

"Parting is such sweet sorrow."

After 7 shows and a New Years Eve Gala for the finale, it's time to say farewell to Weathervane Playhouse. After being the only actor in history to be cast in every production of their season, I'm honored to part with good graces. I've met some amazing people, including the incredible Chad Diblasio. Check out some of the photos from our modeling session.


December 2018

"Extra! Extra! Hey look at the headlines!"

Gypsy made the front page of The Weekender in The Columbus Dispatch! I couldn't think of a better way to start opening! Click to read the article!

The holiday season will be filled with lingerie, cows, and egg rolls! I'm thrilled to be performing with Weathervane Playhouse for their final show of the season. I will become the only actress to be in all 7 of their shows this season, which by the way, is their 50th anniversary! I can't wait to play Tessie Tura and give the audience a great gimmick.

Click the pic for tix!

"Sing out Louise!"

December 2018


April 2019

"We gotta look up at the moon and the sky and think of  how high we can go..."

This month I had the opportunity to work on a new musical called "Don't Call Me John" by Ben Moss, Tony Oblen, and Christopher Recker.I was so excited to work with Christine O'Grady Roberts once again. I can't wait to see where this show will go next!


August- September 2018

"You've gotta have heart..."

After a full season of summer stock, I'll be heading to Plymouth, Mass. to play Gloria in Priscilla Beach Theatre's production of Damn Yankees! I'm so excited to explore the town where my Mom grew up and work for this amazing company! Click the kiss for tix!


October 2018

"It's a Woman's World."

This Fall, I'll be heading back to Weathervane Playhouse to play Estelle in their production of The Full Monty. Click the pic for tix!

May-August 2018

Catch me this summer at Weathervane Playhouse in Newark, Ohio! I get to be apart of their 50th season which includes A Chorus Line (Bebe), I Hate Hamlet (Deidre), 42 Street (Ethel), Merrily We Roll Along (Evelyn/ Newswoman), and Pippin (Player)! I'm so excited to dance my feet off all summer long! Click the chicken for tickets!

"But it wouldn't be as nice as a summer in Ohio..."

"The beautiful thing about learning is that

no one can take it away from you..."

I'm graduating college! After a long 16 years of school, I'm done! Woo!! I

know I'll never stop learning and taking

classes but I have a diploma!

May 2018

May 2018

"There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise..."

This month I get to help produce, write, direct and perform in Daughters of Troy apprentice showcase. I've had an amazing year working as an apprentice for this amazing company and I can't wait to become an associate company member next year! I'll be directing a piece I wrote and performing a song with Jordan Tyson. Click the pic for details! Come check it out! 

After a semester of learning everything and anything about rock and roll I get to end the semester with a concert at Duane Park in NYC. We'll be paying tribute to The Who's Tommy and singing duets. I'll be performing David Bowie with Victor Vazquez. It's gonna be a fun night, come check it out! Click the pic for tix!

"I want rock and roll all night..."

May 2018

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